Hedging plants

The first thing to look at when designing a garden is whether you want to use hedging plants. It is a key element in every garden. But how do you know which hedge plant fits in your garden?

Where to look for in a hedge plant?

First, you should consider the purpose of the hedge. Is it for privacy, noise reduction or just for decoration?

Second, you should take into account the size of your garden. Hedges can grow significantly high, so you should consider which hedge plant fits in your garden. Especially if you want to grow a wide hedge.

Third, you should think about what kind of maintenance you are willing to do. Hedges don’t need a lot of maintenance, except for watering and trimming it a few times a year.

And fourth, which climate zone do you live in? Some hedges stay evergreen all year long, but some deciduous hedges lose their leaves.

Once you have considered all of these things, you can start looking at different hedging plants.

If you want a fast-growing hedge for privacy, then consider plants like Leylandii or Bamboo. If you want a low-maintenance hedge, then go for something like Boxwood or Laurel. And if you want a hedge that will add interest to your garden, then look at plants with berries or flowers like Dogwood or Forsythia.

The best way to find out which hedge plant is right for you is to talk to hedgeplants-heijnen. They will be able to give you specific advice for your garden.

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